Buddhist Medication

Buddhist Wisdom for Medication

Wisdom is a philosophy of life which blending both science and art of human life style, collectively from generation to generation. Until become the basis value of thinking and principle, and the ethics of the community. Science of Wisdom is the knowledge of living that based on the 4 requisites, earning a living, livng in harmony with nature and environment, including the coexistence in community and society . Art of Wisdom is the knowledge with high-valued virtue . It is the human-creation culture from believe, emotion, perception, attitude, principle and spirit. Therefore, Wisdom is the knowledge that connected everything in every dimension all together. Not only the knowledge, but virtue and holistic awareness which gain from living life and relationship in life from past to present. Thai Wisdom is the foundation of Thais which comes from knowledge the way of living, traditional, cultural, values, and the 4 requisites, including the performing arts Art in the various local and national communities. Universal Wisdom is the crystallized knowledge or philosophy that spread from small group throughout the world. Then, it has been developed to science and technology which playing an important role in influencing the lives of people nowadays. Buddhist Wisdom for Medical Science is the true ensemble of knowledge according law of nature and universe as in the tenets of Buddhism that inherited from the age of Buddha to present. This is to improve the quality of life for the entire humanity from the present to after death; for the all angles; from physical, emotional, mental, family, economic, social, environmental and spiritual of good health. Buddhist Medication is the integration of health care for many dimensions; namely: Alternative Medicine – cover all medication that does not in the scope of current medical professional or university curriculum. Complementary Medicine – a method of alternative medicine to support the modern medication at the same time, so-called Complementary Medicine. Holistic Medicine – a health care the concerns “human nature” which are physical, mental , emotional , social , spiritual and sense. Therefore, it is not a cure towards disease, but the person, which is a living creature that contains a holistic living system elements and factors. Therefore, this is the process to restore their lives in all aspects towards the healthy life. Buddhist Wisdom for Medication Learning Center 1. Philosophy of Buddhist Wisdom for Medication 2.  Buddhist Health Care

  • Meditation
  • Meditation for Relaxation
  • Meditation for Therapy

3. Thai Yoga

  • Moving Meditation
  • Physical moving for therapy

4. Thai Bone Message Therapy

  • Bone adjusting equipment
  • Science and art of using equipment for therapy
  • Treatment for Relaxation Technique

5. Herbal Therapy

  • Characteristic of Herb
  • The use of herb for therapy

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